Casselberry Leagues


American Poolplayers Association


Orlando Billiard League


Harper Billiards League

There are three sessions (16 weeks per session) during league year: 
• Summer/May
• Fall/September
• Spring/January

Play Start Time: 7:30 pm
• Annual Membership $25 per year
• Green Fees $10 per session 

Weekly Fee:
Teams pay a weekly fee to participate in league activity. The amount charged in the area is established by our league operators.

To sign up contact our League Operators:
APA Michelle Harper (407) 448-9155
OBL Gary Moore (407)-615-3284
HBL Will Harper (786)200-2488

League/division per day:
• Monday & Tuesday: APA Double Jeopardy 8 Ball – 9 Ball In house and 8 Ball- travel 
• Wednesday: APA 9 Ball Travel and OBL 8 ball - In house 
• Thursday: HBL 9 Ball- in house 
• Sunday: APA Ladies League 8 Ball *Only 10 Sundays per year*