Our Pool Tables

• 3 Diamond 9' tables
• 1 Gold Crown 9'
• 8 Gandy 8' tables
• 3 Diamond 7' tables 
• 4 Valley Bar Boxes

Daily Pool Rates

Diamond Tables & 9' Tables $5hr per Person
8' Tables $4hr per Person


Coming Soon!

In-house Get a Cue League

We offer leagues 5 nights a week currently. Sunday thru Thursday. Leagues start at 6:30 pm. $20 registration fee and $10 a week for 16 weeks gets you a brand new Viking cue and new cue case. These leagues are designed for all levels of play. It is the perfect way to introduce new players to pool or get acquainted with the Tucson pool community.

BCA League Format Description/Info

Purdy BCA Wed League Rules and Policies 

League Operators: Aaron Purdy and Terri Adams 
Phone #623-570-0934
please text Purdy.BCA@gmail.com 
League Stats: www.playcsipool.com 

Go to LMS league Stats...type in Purdy -Az -Purdy BCA Pool. For the Official Game Rules please visit the website: https://www.playcsipool.com/bcapl-rules.html 

Purdy BCA policies and amendments: 
Attendance: In joining a league, you are making a commitment to your teammates, it is important that you show respect for them by fulfilling that commitment. If you are scheduled to play that night and you fail to show without arranging a Substitute or contacting your Captain this will not be tolerated. To be respectful to all teammates if you Show or are planning to Show the team Captain should fill Roster. Please contact your Captain first and if unable to inform them Contact your League Operator. If a team decides to not fulfill the commitment by not playing the full session this team will forfeit all the monies that have been paid and If the team or individual was to be paid any monies (B and R, top shooter, and team monies) they will forfeit this also. This is considered very unsportsmanlike to everyone in the league, your team and its players will not be allowed to play in this league for one calendar year. The League Operator has the right to penalize or disqualify any team that conducts themselves in this unsportsmanlike manner. Exceptions to this rule. SEE LEAGUE OPERATOR. League Starting Times: This League starts at 7:00 Pm, please be as prompt as possible. All players should be ready to play by that time. If you have a player running late they have until 8:00. If the two captains want to wait a little longer it is Ok, but let the League Operator know....but as a rule 8:00 is plenty of time. 

Payment of Dues: The Sanction fee at the beginning of each year must be paid within the second week of play and will be turned in to BCA asap, this also will grant you access to the FargoApp. The Team Captain is responsible for the entire team's fees for each week, regardless of absent players. If a player needs help with dues please contact the League Operator. 

Substitute Rules: If you are going to sub, you must let the other team know before the round starts. If your sub has a lot lower/higher Fargo rating it can and will adjust the team handicap for that round and the remaining rounds he/she is in. Use the Fargo team calculator to see the adjustment. 

Missing Player or Players 
Option #1: If there are 3 or fewer players and both team captains agree to reschedule a match, it must also be approved by the League Operator and played prior to the next scheduled match. Regular rules apply to turning in score sheets and team weekly fees.

Option #2: For the missing player/players the team will receive a loss for each game missed and the other Team will use WF (win by forfeit). These games will not be recorded in Fargo or for the individual stats. 

League Operator Rule: If someone on your team no calls/no shows they will be fined an extra $5 for that night and if it is not paid upon the next time they play...that person will be put on a two-week suspension from the league. EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE...See League Operator 

1) Captains make sure everyone on your team has your number and Facebook 
2) If you are not going to be able to make league, please call by 4 PM which would allow your captain to adjust his lineup for that night. 
3) See section on Attendance. 
4) The extra $5 will be put into a Miscellaneous Fund at the discretion of the League Operator 

Forfeiture of League Membership: Any League member who fails to attend league regularly and/or fails to keep his or her dues current will forfeit her membership and any dues paid to that point will also be forfeited. The decision to expel a member on this basis is solely at the discretion of the League Operator. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated in this league. The League Operator has the right and obligation to ensure that no player engages in any activity, which in his judgment is unsportsmanlike in nature, embarrassing, disruptive or detrimental to other players, referees, or the sport in general. The League Operator has the right to penalize or disqualify, with or without warning any player who conducts him or herself in an unsportsmanlike manner. The decision to expel a member on this basis is solely at the discretion of the League Operator. 

Handling of packets and score sheets: Please put all monies and the score sheet back in the packet and give them to the League Operator. If we are not in the building, then give it to the people behind the bar. Also when filling out the score sheets please indicated who paid for that night and how much...it helps with bookkeeping. 

Captain's responsibilities:
Please follow as close to these rules as possible. 
1) Provide a schedule to all players with your phone # and or Facebook for communication. 
2) I highly recommend a rotating schedule for your entire team...especially if you have many subs. This is to your advantage so that 9 people do not show up and want to play, use a rotating schedule (See me or Terri if you need help with that) 
3) Schedule 5 players to play each night if one of them can't play they will contact you and then you can reach out to your team for that extra player. This must be covered with your team the first night. One player cannot play twice. See Missing Player section. 
4) As Captain you help provide a nice league experience for all your players, please be receptive to the needs of your players and friends. Coaching: There is no coaching allowed while it is your turn at the table. Your turn starts when the opponent is finished at the table. During the opponent's time at the table, you can talk to anyone, including your teammates about any aspect of the game. Please don't allow your talking or actions to interfere with your opponent's time at the table. The exception is in BCA scotch coaching is allowed from the chair. 

Right of Appeal: Any player or team will have the right of appeal before a committee of neutral league members if such a committee has been formed. The League Operator may form and govern an appeals committee made up of league players, team captains, and /or division representatives. If a committee member is on the roster of a team filling an appeal, this committee member will no be allowed to vote or sit in on the proceedings.